Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Beautiful Friendhip Poem !!


i have a lot of friends
but i don't know which one i can trust
all of them help me change my life
and what am i believing for

i always ask myself whom i should treat my best friend
i thought it was a lost friend that i already met
coz she's the one i'm always thinking
she's never been out on my mind

but not till i met you
coz you gave me reason to stop believing
that i will find a friend
whom i waited for so long

i think i already found the person
who will change the life i'm living now
she's not perfect and good as i expected
but she can teach me to live in reality

i don't know you that much
but i can prove that you're the one i'm looking for
you're the only one who make me feel this way
a feeling that surely, no one can ever give me

i'm not good in words
and i don't know how to show what i really feel
but hoping you to know how much you mean to me
even without such words

i know we just met, but i feel so close to you
i know we just met, but i hope you're in my life to stay
coz the more i get to know you, i more i know myself
and whenever i see you, i makes me want to smile

i thought my world was coming to an end
i had forgotten how to smile, how to laugh, and how to be me
but then, i found you and taught me to bring back happiness
so don't forget me, for i will not forget you till the end

now, i'm happy with this friend i've found
i have no doubt about how i feel
many problems will continue to come
but i'm not afraid coz you're there

you're the one i need to trust
coz i know you're someone who will never let me down
and someone who will guard my deepest secret
and no one can ever replace you

when i find i can't make it,
you give me your wisdom and help me to try
you give me strength to do things i'm afraid of
just to overcome my fears

when i was silent, you spoke
when i was alone, you always come with me and comfort me
when i need someone to talk to, you're always been there
i've never been as like this with anyone as i have been with you

who else do i need to find
if the person i was searching is already at my side
so, when someone ask me who you are, a can say that,
"YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND", coz you're simply the best

By Aidy